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Over 500 memberships, 1000's of individuals, and counting…


  • Quarterly  newsletter that keeps you in-the-know of what is going on at Raystown  and how it impacts visitors, resources and management.
  • Become involved in decisions that affect Raystown
  • Network with other passionate visitors who play an active role at the lake
  • Show your support for Raystown and the recreation and natural resource opportunities it has to offer


  • Annual membership dues, starting at $10
  • Although  members are encourage to participate in a few volunteer events every  year, the Friends is primarily a committee-based organization.  Members  can be as active as they wish.
  • A passion to support Raystown Lake!

Membership Dues:

  • Membership dues are paid on an annual basis (unless receiving a lifetime membership)
  • Dues directly benefit Friends activities which are voted on by the board of directors and the general membership

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Membership Application Webform


Please complete this application and send it 
along with a check payable to:

Friends of Raystown Lake
PO Box 87
Hesston, Pa 16647

Or  you can join on line by selecting your membership and additional items  from the drop down menu at "the add to cart" button on this page.   Also  donations can be made at the "Donate" button on this page.

□ New Member □ Renewal
□ Special Friend $500 (lifetime)
□ Individual Friend $10/year
□ Family Friend $15/year
□ Club / Organization Friend $25/year
□ Business Friend $50/year
□ Corporate Friend $100/year
Extra Embroidered Patches: ____@ $3.00 each
Extra Decals: ____@ $1.00 each
Pins: _______ @ 5.00 each
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