Good afternoon Raystown Lake stakeholders, 
We wanted to take today  to send a quick update regarding Raystown Lake's Master Plan Revision to  ensure all those interested in the project are kept up-to-date.
We  recently added a Questions and Answers section to our Master Plan  website here:   Many of these questions were asked during our public meetings held  during the summer.  We're still working to add even more of your  questions to this list, but the questions we've listed here were some of  the more popular topics and questions asked and are worth a read if you  are interested. 
The Raystown Lake Boating survey recently wrapped  up and has provided us excellent information going forward for the  Boating Study.  For those not as familiar with the Raystown Lake Boating  Study, a survey was sent to Raystown Lake boaters who were identified  during the summer at boat launch ramps throughout the lake and to  hundreds of marina slip renters.  This ensured that recent boaters at  Raystown Lake would be surveyed for the study.  This survey was the  second portion of the Boating Study, with the first being aerial surveys  to determine the number of boats physically using the lake on Saturdays  that experienced peak-use.  Upon completion, the Boating Study report  will be a key factor in the team's decision-making while drafting the  Master Plan revision.
In order to meet the requirements of the  National Environmental Policy Act, the Environmental Assessment (EA) is  proceeding in parallel with the revision itself.  The draft EA will be  released for public and agency comment at the same time as the draft  plan.  The draft Master Plan revision and EA are anticipated to be  released for the public in the fall of 2019.
While we are no longer  accepting official public comments at this time, if you have a question  regarding the Master Plan Revision process please feel free to email us  at

We hope you have a very happy holiday season!

The Raystown Lake Master Plan Revision team 


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